In 2013 I had a couple of requests for character illustrations, it’s always a little challenging when you’re asked to draw real people, it’s something people take very personally and I always want to portray people in a kind and flattering way. I’m not a fan of caricature’s as I think they just bring out the worst in people. I like to make all my characters look cute and happy!

Anyway, the first request was from Maggie, a lovely lady who I used to work with in my first job as a graphic designer. She now heads up Saxon Graphics in Derby and wanted character illustrations of her team for their promotional video, as none of them are too chuffed at the idea of posing in front of the camera. Below is the finished result. It’s also getting animated by the very talented team at Lightfilms, so I will post a link to that video once it’s complete!

Saxon Graphics Team Derby

The second request was from my friends Jemma and John who were getting married and wanted some character illustrations of themselves to go on their wedding invites. (Which I also designed, but won’t post pictures as they contain personal info). But here’s the illustrations of them all glammed up ready for their big day.