I was commissioned by Random House Children’s to illustrate two books for babies. This was pretty exciting for me as they would be the first books I had illustrated entirely by myself, I’ve illustrated colouring-in and activity books before but never been the sole illustrator for a whole published book. It was a real treat to be drawing for such a cute book too, I get pretty excited when my list of illustrations consists of teddies, ducks and monkeys in boxes! It’s lovely to illustrate for babies and toddlers because you can go to town on the sweet and innocent factor. It was wonderful to finally see and touch the finished product as the book is full of lovely textures and is ¬†beautifully produced. ¬†I must say a huge thank you and congrats to Ruth Redford who created and wrote the book and to the delightful Abi Luftman; the designer at Random House who put the whole thing together and who I was lucky to work alongside. If you would like to get a copy of either or both the books then¬†click here.