“All good songs find their way into people’s hearts one way or another.”

Hummingbird is an uplifting story about young Noah Ray who, after receiving an old guitar from his grandfather on his birthday finds he has a special passion for music and song writing. But after the school bullies mock him for writing “girly love poems,” Noah is devastated. The shame forces him to hide away all his song lyrics in a shoebox safe where no one else can laugh at them. Not even the encouragement he receives from his grandfather can persuade him to share his talents.

One day, Emily arrives in school. She never speaks a word to anyone and appears to be profoundly sad. Noah is deeply affected by his new classmate and wishes he could do something to make her feel better. Little does he realise that he already has that power. You see, there is more to that old guitar than meets the eye, the glistening hummingbird emblazoned on the wood occasionally twinkles a little brighter than usual. Maybe all Noah needs to unleash his talent and change Emily’s heart is just a little magic…

I wrote and illustrated Hummingbird a few years ago, my aim is to turn it into an animated story for the iPad, I’d love it to be filled with sound, music and magic.

For the illustrations I first hand drew the scenes, then redrew and coloured in Illustrator, then finally I brought the images into Photoshop, where I added layers of texture. Here are some examples: